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Blue cashmere sweaters & cardigans

SuperCashmere has beautiful, fashionable cashmere items available in the brightest shades of blue. Why not go for a classic v-neck sweater, a sweater with bat sleeves, a sweater with ribbed accents, a round-neck cardigan, short-sleeve sweater or a blue cashmere scarf. Your blue cashmere item will look lovely on you. Whatever style you choose, blue is always an option. SuperCashmere offers everything you need to complete your wardrobe!

Blue colour palette

In one of the most trendy colour palettes of the season, cashmere sweaters and cardigans are still a timeless basic with a new personality. Shop now and discover your true self, in true cashmere. Pastel blue, cobalt blue and navy blue tones form a new symphony of monocolour looks. They're classic outfits with a modern twist.

Blue is fashionable

Blue is the ideal colour for special occasions. SuperCashmere has designed a range of beautiful blue sweaters and cardigans for women who want to impress. If you want to make a stunning, yet classy impression, choose one of our blue hues: Naval, Poole Blue, Blue Haze or Deep Ocean.

Sustainable and pure

Cashmere is a symbol of ultimate luxury, everyone knows that. Cashmere is that one special sweater that feels so soft you don't want to take it off anymore. Cashmere is simply addictive. Once you get used to SuperCashmere, you'll be spoiled straight away. You'll never want anything else.

Take your outfits to the next level. Discover blue cashmere pieces from SuperCashmere. Need some advice? Don't hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to help you choose your dream cashmere piece.