Washing advice and maintenance

Adore your SuperCashmere

High-quality cashmere clothing will last for at least ten years if it is cared for properly.


Always turn the garment inside out when washing it. Wash in cold to lukewarm water and use detergent for a delicate wash or a wool detergent (e.g. Woolite for fine wool). Rinse once and then carefully squeeze out the excess water. Do not wring out the garment! Put the garment to dry on a flat surface and reshape it to its original form while it is still damp. Avoid drying in sunlight.

Ironing may be done at low temperatures; use an ironing cloth. Never place an iron directly onto the wool and do not iron the ribbed cuffs.

You do not have to wash the garment every time you wear it. Air the garment after wearing.

Dry Cleaning

In addition to the above-mentioned hand wash, you can also have the garment dry cleaned at the dry cleaners. (see wash/care label in the garment).


Do not hang your cashmere garments on a hanger, but store them folded up. If you are not going to use them for a longer period of time, place them in a storage bag or a clothing box that can be sealed to protect the material from moths. If necessary, include some moth balls or lavender.


The special thing about cashmere is: it becomes even more beautiful as it is washed more often. If you wash it in the right way, it will not shrink or stretch. Pilling may occur with a cashmere garment. That is a natural process and can be caused by friction. The sweaters of SuperCashmere show very little pilling. Our cashmere yarn supplier Todd & Duncan has more than 150 years of experience developing the cashmere yarn that has the least chance of pilling of all cashmere yarns.

If pilling does occur, it will stop after two to three washes: the surplus fibre has then given way to the core of the yarn. As the Scots say, "The Scottish handle is more robust off the shelf, but soon blossoms."

Repair service

It can happen that an accident causes a small hole in your sweater during wear. For example because you got caught on something. SuperCashmere can repair this for you: you can return your sweater to our repair service. After receiving the sweater we make an estimate of the costs. After approval we will repair your sweater and return it on average within fourteen days. 

Want to send us a sweater for repair? Download the repair form and send your sweater to:

SuperCashmere Repair Service
Pr. Irenelaan 9
1406 KR Bussum
The Netherlands

Do you want to consult with us first or do you have questions about a repair? Mail us at [email protected].