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Cashmere cardigan

A cashmere cardigan is an indispensable part of every wardrobe, which makes one of our cardigans an excellent choice. A cashmere cardigan can be worn in all four seasons and is the pinnacle of class, style and elegance.

Why choose a cashmere cardigan

Cashmere is the most elegant and luxurious wool in existence. Cashmere wool is particularly soft and light, making this cardigan not only stylish, but also warm. Our sweaters all start with a special goat - the capra hircus – that has a fantastic coat. The wool we use comes from these goats, who live in areas where the climate varies enormously, so mother nature has come up with an inventive trick, hidden in the goat's coat. Underneath the stiff, protective outer hair is a downy undercoat with ultra-fine, soft fibres. This fibre is the cashmere wool we use for our cashmere vests.

Our cardigan collection

At SuperCashmere, we have a wide range of sweaters available in a range of colours: Lady Pink, Drift, Spring Green and Bright Yellow. Our favourites for this year are, without a doubt, the pink and yellow cashmere cardigans. The yellow colour has been very popular lately, and this spring the colour is right on trend. Don't have anything yellow in your closet yet? Our Bright Yellow Cashmere round-neck cardigan is the perfect starter piece. Combine the beautiful yellow cardigan with white trousers or light blue jeans. Or for the more feminine ladies, maybe go for a pink cardigan. Thrown on pair of heels and you're ready to have lunch with friends or colleagues, or even an evening out! All of our cardigans are made of 100% cashmere and are available in round neck and button up.

Combine cashmere cardigan

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you want your clothes to feel great and fit comfortably. A cashmere cardigan can be paired with almost any other item. You can go with a pencil skirt, jeans or leggings to complete your outfit.

Head to SuperCashmere for the best price-quality ratio. There is a perfect cardigan for everyone! With these 100% cashmere cardigans, you can always create new looks and you'll look great, every day. Can't choose? We are happy to give you some recommendations. Questions about a certain product? Please feel free to contact us via our contact form or call 0348 55 83 99.