Bat sleeve jumper

Made in Italy - 9 Colours

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Sweater with batwing sleeves

At SuperCashmere, we offer a wide range of cashmere sweaters with bat sleeves. This oversized sweater with a fine fit has a solid butterfly sleeve. The sweater is made of 100% cashmere and fits wonderfully. Our collection of cashmere sweaters with batwing sleeves includes many colours, such as pink, red, turquoise and dark blue.

Cashmere batwing sweater

Cashmere is made from the finest wool, taken from the cashmere goat. A cashmere batwing sweater is a classic item that can be combined with many looks. These cashmere sweaters with batwing sleeves are ultra-soft, elegant and timeless.

'SuperCashmere makes clothes, women make fashion.'

Caring for cashmere

It is important that you properly care for your cashmere sweater with batwing sleeves from SuperCashmere. This ensures that you can enjoy this beautiful item for years. Make sure that you always wash a cashmere garment in cold to lukewarm water and use detergent intended for washing delicates or wool. It is important that you never wring out your cashmere treasure, as this can negatively influence the shape. See washing and care advice.

Buy a sweater with batwing sleeves

The batwing sweaters from SuperCashmere form a beautiful basis that you can combine well with your own clothing. Do you have questions about one of our products? Please feel free to contact us via our contact form or call: 0348 55 83 99.