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Sweater with short sleeves

A wardrobe is only complete with at least one nice sweater, preferably cashmere. At SuperCashmere, we have sweaters with both long and short sleeves in the collection. The collection of short-sleeved sweaters includes many different colours, so that you can combine them with any outfit. With a neutral colour, you can combine them endlessly. With a bright, pure colour, you have a wonderful eye-catcher. The big advantage of a cashmere sweater is that you can wear it throughout the year.

"A sweater of Italian design and the best-quality cashmere."

Cashmere sweater with short sleeves

Cashmere, also called kashmir, comes from the cashmere goat. The goat originally lived in the Himalayas, where it is generally very cold, so a thick coat was necessary to protect itself. The inner layer of the goat's wool is called cashmere. Because the clothing production involves a lot of manual work, the costs of 100% cashmere items are higher than sweaters of merino wool. However, sweaters with a short sleeve are ideal when you are seeking a luxurious and elegant look.

Our yarn

We collaborate with the 'leading cashmere spinner in the world': the Scottish company Todd & Duncan. Then the final product is created in Perugia, Italy: the mecca of the cashmere industry. That magical fabric, Cashmere.

Buy a cashmere sweater online

At SuperCashmere, you will find all kinds of sweaters and cardigans, made from the best-quality cashmere. In our collection, you will find a basic black cashmere sweater, but also with a V-neck, or with bat sleeves. Do you have questions about one of our products? Please feel free to contact us via our contact form or call: 0348 55 83 99.